The Top 4 Causes of Hardwood Flooring Wear and Tear

Increase the Lifespan of your Hardwood Floors by Protecting Them from Wear & Tear


Hardwood floors are universally recognized as one of the longest-lasting flooring options.

When cared for properly, hardwood can last anywhere from 80-100 years. With just a little love and care, they can look as good as new decades after they were installed.

But active young children, heavy furniture, and large pets pose a threat to the beauty and longevity of your hardwood flooring.

To ensure you get the most out of your solid timber, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to protecting your floors from the common causes hardwood flooring wear and tear.


The 3 Top Causes of Wear to Hardwood Floors


Some things cause more damage to hardwood floors than others. These include:


1)     Water and Moisture:


Hardwood is incredibly sensitive to any amount of moisture. Even mopping with more than just a damp cloth can cause irreversible damage to a floor. Before setting out to clean your solid timber, read this post about things to avoid while cleaning hardwood flooring.


2)     Dirty Shoes

Although hardwood planks are protected by a thin finish, the dirt and debris left on the bottom of a shoe can easily damage the finish and create an abundance of small scratches throughout your floor.

Protect your floor from wear by ensuring shoes are not worn inside.

The moment your new timber planks are installed, it’s time to stop allowing shoes to be worn indoors. Place a shoe rack or mat by your door to encourage family members and guests to remove their footwear upon entering the home.


3)     Heavy Furniture


Heavy-set furniture like sofas, tables, and bookshelves can quickly scratch or dent your hardwood floor if proper steps aren’t taken. To prevent damage to your floor, try using area rugs or furniture glides on all furniture pieces.


4)     Young Children


Young children are full of energy. With so much fun to be had, the last thing on their mind is protecting new hardwood floors from scratches and water damage.

Protect your wood floor from accidental damage caused by young children using the following tips:

  • Avoid using the floor as a “road” for toys: Toys with wheels (like trains and cars) may seem innocent, but they can quickly scratch your floor even if they are light in weight.
  • Painting: Small drops of paint can easily find their way onto your floor. If you must use your floor as the stage for any arts and crafts, lay a large piece of newspaper or cloth down over the floor first.
  • Accidental Spills: As young children learn to use eating utensils, there are bound to be a few accidental spills during their learning curve. To protect your floors, encourage young children to sit while eating and drinking. Parents with toddlers who are transitioning from bottles to cups can use “sippy cups” to prevent spills.


By taking a little time each day to wipe-up small spills, remove your shoes before walking through the home, and monitoring the activities of young children, you can prevent hardwood flooring wear and tear and enjoy your floors for years to come.

For more information about caring for your hardwood floors, we recommend reading “The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Hardwood Floors.” 



Why Choose Hurford Solid Timber for your New Floor?

Is Hurford Hardwood the Right Flooring Brand for You?


With so many different hardwood products available, it can be difficult – and confusing – to find a brand with a balance between quality, durability, and beauty.

Thankfully, one of the brands that excels in all of these areas is located right here in Australia: Hurford Hardwood.


Today, we’ll take a look at the benefits of using Hurford Hardwood floors in your home.


The Rich History Behind Hurford Hardwood’s Australia-Made Floors

Hurford Hardwood is owned and operated by the Hurford family. The company was founded in the early 1930’s when James Hurford developed the tongue-and-groove installation system – a tactic that has stood the test of time and is globally recognized as one of the easiest hardwood flooring installation methods for solid and engineered floors, whether the installation is conducted by professionals or DIY renovator.


Flooring that Meets Every Expectation

After almost a century of producing high-quality timber flooring, this Australia-based company has grown to offer dozens of different hardwood flooring products.
Although each product is unique, they all feature the same three features:


High-Quality Design:

One of the core focuses of Hurford Hardwood is delivering high-quality products. Because Hurford only uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, each floorboard is carefully crafted and inspected before being brought to the market.


Sustainably Developed:

Hurford Hardwood is located and operated in New South Wales. As a locally-owned company, one of their primary goals is to adhere to local and regional sustainability practices.

This is why all of their material (from the timber planks themselves to the woodchips used to create engineered hardwood), is sustainably sourced from local forests under the guidelines of the Australian Forestry Standard.


Unmatched Beauty:

The timber and finishes used to create Hurford solid timber flooring brings out the natural colours and textures of the wood.

Each plank is carefully cut to ensure the finished product truly highlights the unique grain pattern of the unaltered wood. After the cuts have been made, a quality finish is applied to protect the board’s surface from dust, dirt, and debris. This finish is carefully selected to ensure the finish doesn’t dull the timber’s natural appearance.


Competitive Prices

In addition to delivering highly durable, sustainably produced products, the Hurford brand is equally committed to providing quality products at competitive prices. Because all of the timber used to create Hurford floors is sourced from Australia, they are able to keep prices lower than brands who outsource from overseas forests.


Is Hurford Hardwood the Right Choice for your Home?

Hurford Hardwood’s solid timber planks are perfect for homeowners who want a hardwood floor that is sustainable and supports local businesses without compromising the beauty or durability of their floor.

Their products come in a range of different timber species, giving homeowners the flexibility to choose a floor colour and gain pattern that suits their personal taste.


If you’re considering using Hurford Hardwood floors in your home, take a look at the inventory on our site or visit one of our showrooms in person.