Current Flooring Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Check out these 4 flooring trends modern homeowners are embracing.

Choosing the right floor for your home can be a challenging task, especially with so many different styles and materials to choose from. To help, we’ve handpicked 4 of the most popular flooring options currently being installed in homes, giving you a flavour of modern choices to inspire your flooring decisions.


Bamboo Flooring Trends

  1. Bamboo – an increasingly popular choice in eco-friendly households, bamboo flooring is a recycled material with strong durability that is easy to maintain. The style is similar to hardwood yet there are unique distinctions, adding individuality and elegance to a room.

For lighter tones, consider natural or brushed limed white bamboo flooring, particularly for smaller rooms, as these shades can make the rooms appear more spacious. To add more depth and warmth to a room, try a coffee or harvest bamboo.

With the safety of the environment playing a strong part in many people’s lives, bamboo is set to be an ongoing trend as more and more homeowners opt for quality, biodegradable flooring as their number one choice.


  1. Grey flooring – growing ever popular, grey floors are a top trend for homeowners looking to achieve a neutral and elegant finish. With a range of flooring available in grey tones, there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding your staple grey floor.


For inspiration, view our collection of laminate, oak and vinyl to find the right grey flooring for your home.


  1. Cork – another sustainable material, cork is an affordable flooring solution that is also contemporary, practical and environmentally friendly. The biggest money-saving advantage of cork flooring is that it can regulate temperatures in the home as the cork material is a natural insulator. It also has a long life-span, a hard-wearing surface and is available in a variety of colours, as seen here.


Parquetry flooring – a traditional style of flooring, parquet floors are making a re-appearance as a trend setter for modern homes. Boasting beautiful and timeless designs, parquet flooring can be truly unique to a home, as materials are blended to create tiles with varying grains and shades. The resilient surface protects against scratches and is a smart choice for areas of high footfall in the home. As parquet is made from wood, the connotations of this flooring suggest warmth and luxury, transforming a room into an aesthetic living space.


View our block parquetry here and cast your creative eye over the range of designs available.  

The Benefits of Acoustic Underlay

Not only is it great for noise reduction, acoustic underlay also has other useful advantages.


For those installing new flooring in the home, consider fitting acoustic underlays first especially if you are contemplating hardwood flooring. There is an eco-friendly version for the environmentally conscious that uses recycled resources like cork and rubber as opposed to raw materials. There are numerous benefits to this underlay, some of which are highlighted below:

  1. Flooring maintenance and comfort

Often combining several layers of spongy material, acoustic underlay provides great underfoot comfort to members of a household. Underlay can make a big difference, especially if installed beneath solid hardwood flooring, as it provides a softer surface, lessening the impact when walking. As a long-term investment, acoustic underlay also supports your flooring, extending its lifespan.


  1. Noise control

Possibly the most common reason for installing acoustic underlay is its ability to reduce noise levels and vibrations caused by footfall. The underlay absorbs these vibrations and contributes to a quieter home or work environment. Underlay is particularly recommended in apartments, rooms with high ceilings and child/pet-friendly homes as noise and high footfall are common issues that can be resolved with underlay installation.


Check out our ‘Quiet Step’ underlays that can reduce underfoot noise levels by 30%.


  1. Thermal insulation

Another key benefit and a potential money-saver is the increase of thermal insulation as a result of underlay installation. The multiple layers beneath the floorboards keep the cold from escaping whilst also serving as an extra insulation layer. Less heat is lost through the floorboards and temperatures can be regulated more easily.


  1. Dust reduction and moisture absorber

For household members that suffer from allergies, underlay is a great investment as it acts as an obstacle for dust particles. Underlay reduces air flow, which consequently reduces the buildup of dust and grime.

In relation to liquid spills, underlay also has moisture resistant qualities, protecting your underflooring from early decay.


You can check out our range of acoustic underlays here.