Are you running low on interior design ideas? Having online references to model your décor after is a great way to collect inspiration without spending a dime on magazines or workshops. If your living space has been feeling too repetitive lately, take a peek at these 13 sites that will help you source fresh interior design ideas.

13 websites to find new interior design ideas

1. Houzz

Full of helpful interior design resources, home improvement vendors, and projects to pull ideas from, Houzz is arguably the best interior design and home improvement resource you can find online. Use it to browse everything from flooring to paint colour, then mix and match each of your favourite examples into something unique.

2. Interiors Addict

If you’re addicted to all things interior design, the Interiors Addict is the best place for you to source new design styles. You’ll find ideas for individual rooms, full-house décor, and furniture suggestions in a variety of price ranges.


Established in 1994, HGTV is still one of the most widely respected publications and TV networks around the world. Whether you prefer to visit their website or watch one of their many TV shows, this brand is an excellent resource for home makers, DIY designers, and professionals alike.

4. Fresh Home

For people who love DIY home improvement and décor, Fresh Home is a hub of inspiration. Their website is full of information on household products, design styles, cleaning tips, and more.

5. Elle Decor

Elle Décor has design resources that help homeowners decorate, renovate, and maintain their home, along with a semi-chic style that fits perfectly in any type of home.

6. House Beautiful

A simple, easy to navigate website about design, renovation, and seasonal décor, House Beautiful helps homeowners make a living space look cozy and trendy at the same time.

7. House & Garden

Another old publication, House & Garden has been circulated (on and off) in print and digital subscriptions around the world since 1901. Today, the U.K. site seems to operate on the belief that a good home is decided on interior design, architecture, and food. Thanks to the thousands of images and blogs, you’ll be able to find endless ideas for your living space.

8. Interior Design Network

Browse real-life projects and study interior design tips from the experts on Interior Design Network’s small (but neatly organised) site.

9. Impressive Interior Design

The site at Impressive Interior Design is full of creative projects that range from contemporary style to shabby-chic. If you’re dying to try your hand at a few artistic projects, this site is a good place to start.

10. Decoholic

Are you a “decoraholic?” If so, this site loaded with pictures and products for every room in your house is a great place to begin your search for a fresh interior design ideas.

11. Style at Home

Are you a fan of budget décor and easy to mimic interior design ideas? Style at Home offers a big selection of content on interiors, decorating, food & drink, and more.

12. Home Life

Home Life is a smaller site that features content about DIY crafts, gardening, and the old-fashioned homemaking lifestyle.

13. Homedit

Full of content for homeowners, apartment renters, and DIY fanatics, Homedit is truly a hub for all things interior design.

Whew! That was quite a list, but with all the content to explore on each of these sites, you’ll have no problem finding interior design styles that match with your home’s new (or existing!) floor.