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4 Easy to Clean Flooring Options

Are you expecting new floor in your home sometime soon? Style is a huge factor in the type (and colour) of floor you end up with, but functionality is equally important. When people think of a functional floor, durability is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s important to realise that no floor will last without the proper maintenance.

Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning their floor, so we’ve compiled a quick and easy list of four easy-to-clean flooring options.


Ah, vinyl. There are hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from, and as a result this floor covering has quickly become one of the most popular floor choices for kitchens, bathrooms, and rental homes. But vinyl isn’t popular thanks to looks alone! Vinyl floors can be swept, vacuumed, and mopped without worry.

What to Watch for: Not all vinyl is easy to clean. Vinyl comes in different “styles,” including a smooth surface, a tiled surface with grout lines, and a hardwood plank style that mimics the appearance of solid wood. For the lowest maintenance floor possible, pick a vinyl style without any grout lines.


Few people know the difference between laminate flooring and vinyl. Here’s a brief explanation:
Instead of being made from flexible plastic, laminate flooring is actually a hard surface made from recycled hardwood.

Because laminate is made of wood products, it isn’t as resistant to moisture as vinyl. Clean your laminate floors with a broom, damp mop, or a beater-brush free vacuum for the best results.

What to Avoid: Because stiff bristle brushes can damage the surface of a laminate floor, try to find a soft rag to wipe up any sticky messes or stains that may accumulate on the floor.


Ah, tile. Cold and hard, it’s also extremely easy to clean. It can be mopped, swept, and vacuumed quickly. When the time comes to mop, use a combination of clean water mixed with a mild cleaning agent to pick up any persistent stains that may cling into the floor.

What to Avoid: If your floor has grout lines, avoid using bleach or ammonia as a cleaning agent as they can slowly discolor your grout over time. Although vacuums are OK to use, DO NOT use a vacuum with a beater bar – it will scratch the finish or stone of the tile.

Solid Hardwood

Are you surprised to see solid hardwood planks on our list? Arguably one of the most classic floor coverings of all time, hardwood floors are notoriously hard to install for DIYers. With a little conscious effort, however, they can also be one of the easiest to keep clean. Hardwood floors call for a barely damp mop and a broom to keep them regularly clean.

What to Avoid: Wood and water do not mix. If a spill is left sitting on your floor for too long, it can cause your planks to stain, warp, or rot. Avoid damage to your floors by soaking up any sitting water or moisture immediately.

With the right maintenance routine and a little TLC, any of the floors above can serve you and your family for years to come. To keep learning about flooring and home décor, join our mailing list below!