Luxury wool carpet is a top choice for what is arguably among the most comfortable and high-quality flooring money can buy. It is natural, renewable and incredibly soft, with the potential to last several decades. Here are some reasons why luxury wool carpets are an excellent option.

luxury wool carpet

It’s resilient

Resiliency refers to the ability to bounce back after compression and maintain shape. Luxury wool carpet certainly has plenty of resiliency. Sure, synthetic fibres, such as polyester, are even springier. But when you’re interested in natural fibre, you can’t go wrong with luxury wool carpet. It will not wear down or mat over time, keeping a beautiful and welcoming appearance.

It cleans well

Luxury wool carpet has natural soil resistance properties. Thanks to its resiliency, it means dirt won’t tend to mess up its appearance, which would require deep cleaning. Dirt and dust take a while to sink down.

It also has a natural resistance to oils. Like other fibres, it cannot resist stains, so if you so desire, you have the option of adding stain protection during the manufacturing process. However, it’s not really necessary with proper cleaning.

A little special care goes a long way with luxury wool carpet. With the right know-how, you can work with it rather than against it. This means using gentle tools to clean it. As for vacuuming, luxury wool carpet sheds. A canister vacuum with low abrasion is best. It must be vacuumed from side to side instead of end to end so the fringe isn’t caught. A yearly vacuuming of the back will remove embedded dirt, and it needs washing if any dust blows up.

Other caveats about luxury wool carpet are that it fades in the sun and needs airflow to prevent mould and mildew. You can reduce this risk by limiting sun exposure and installing a moisture barrier on top of the carpet padding. Take care of it like the special carpet it is and it will prove to be well worth the cost.

It dehumidifies

Luxury wool carpet’s ability to absorb water isn’t necessarily always a bad thing and in fact can benefit people with respiratory issues. It removes excess moisture from the air. Even when the air is dry, it will release any moisture it had previously trapped into the air, making a humidifier unnecessary. Exceptions are rooms where there is standing water, which it’s not suited for, or humid climates.

It’s fire resistant

Unlike synthetic fibres, wool will not burn or melt when exposed to flame. Instead, it will char. It’s also not very difficult to remove scorch marks.

It’s warm

Because its plushy feel, luxury wool carpet prevents heat and cold from entering your home. It’s a great insulator and so can reduce your air conditioning and heating bills. You’ll sleep like a baby in your bedroom and spend more time in your living room with luxury wool carpet.

It’s hypoallergenic

The non-toxic and organic properties of luxury wool carpet make it appealing for anyone. Synthetic fibre carpets can off-gas, while some timber flooring can cause allergic reactions or irritate one’s respiratory system. Make sure yours is manufactured without any dyes or chemicals so that it stays hypoallergenic.

In the world of flooring, luxury wool carpets are a premium option. They are naturally soil resistant, fire resistant, resilient, hypoallergenic and sustainable. Their beauty and environmental properties are great for people who want the benefits of natural fibre carpets. Take care of luxury wool carpets properly, and they can potentially last a lifetime.

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