Timber Flooring Care & Maintenance

For general cleaning of your wooden, cork or bamboo floor, use a lightly dampened mop over the entire floor surface. Do not mop your timber floorboards with excessive water. We stock a number of different cleaning solutions, mops and protective felt pads and can advise you on their use.

Small stones, dirt and grit are abrasive to the finish of timber floorboards. Floormania suggests placing doormats or small rugs at entrances and other high traffic areas. Protective felt pads should also be attached under all furnishings on timber flooring. When moving or rearranging furniture, felt pads will help prevent scratching and indentation of the timber floorboards.

It is important to maintain a reasonably stable indoor temperature and humidity range. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause discolorations on the floor. Avoid this by covering windows and doors with blinds or curtains.

Hardwood timber flooring is a timeless, durable choice for any home or commercial project. After a few years, many hardwood floors benefit from a re-sand and re-coat. Talk to us at Floormania if  you’re ready to give your wooden floors a new lease on life.

There are many benefits of choosing timber flooring for your home or commercial project. The natural warmth and beauty of wooden floors adds instant appeal and value, and they are also very easy to clean – spills are simply wiped away and dust mites are almost completely eradicated in homes with timber flooring. Families concerned about allergies are advised to choose timber flooring over soft floor coverings. Dust is easily removed from a timber floor with a simple mop or vacuum.

The advantages of timber floors in your new home or renovation make it an easy choice.