The Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Colors

Make your house a home with a personalized hardwood floor.


In the past, homeowners were limited to just a few hardwood plank colors. While classic tones (like tan and mahogany) are still popular today, the improvements in manufacturing processes now makes it possible to access a variety of modern hardwood colors.  As a result, homeowners now have more freedom and flexibility to create the interior they’ve always dreamed of.

Below, you’ll find a list of plank colors that have gained popularity throughout New South Wales over the past few years.


Multi-Toned Floors


Multi-toned hardwood floors have grown in popularity recently thanks to their stimulating visual impact on simple rooms. These floors are hallmarked by their collection vastly different colors (from light tan to dark red) and are a great choice for families looking to add life to modestly furnished rooms.


If you’re considering multi-toned planks, we recommend the Jarrah Solid Timber Plank or the Queensland Spotted Gum Plank from Hurford Hardwood.


Blonde and Light Tan


Blonde planks are one of the more traditional hardwood plank colors and are still popular in homes throughout New South Wales.

Because blonde planks are easy to match, lightly colored hardwood floors can be paired with a variety of interior design styles, from classic to contemporary. To make your home feel more traditional, use hardwood planks with a single continuous color; for a more contemporary look, try using a multi-toned floor instead.


If you’re considering a blonde hardwood floor, we recommend the Northern Beech Series by Hurford Hardwood.


Classic Dark Colors


The warmth and sophistication that dark hardwood floors bring to a home is undeniable.

Dark planks traditionally come in shades like mahogany, dark walnut, and coffee. Today, however, it’s not uncommon to find unusual colors like ebony and deep red lined up with other classic tones.


If you’re considering dark hardwood flooring for your home, we recommend the Roasted Peak plank by Hurford Hardwood.



Cream-Toned Planks


Cream-colored hardwood floors have been thrown into the spotlight over the past few years thanks to the variety of soft shades (from off-white to light pink) found in each plank.

Most commonly used to tie together interiors with a contemporary design, they can be found in are also popular in traditionally furnished homes because they hide scratches well and emphasize the natural lighting throughout the home.


If you’re considering cream-colored timber, we recommend the Hurford Hardwood French Oak plank.


Thanks to the variety of finishes and timber species available in our showroom, you can pick a floor that truly brings out the unique beauty of your home. Homes with a modern design should consider contemporary options (like cream) to emphasize the design. If you prefer the look of classic hardwood, however, we recommend installing dark tones (like walnut and mahogany) or light tan shades (such as blonde) instead.