We might be a little partial, but hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful focal points of a home. Not only does hardwood bring warmth into your home but it also has a lifespan of up to 80+ years, which means an investment in wood flooring will continue paying for itself throughout your life. If you’re considering installing wood floors in your home, why not bring out your family’s unique style along the way?

4 Stunning Floors to Bring Out your Style for 2016

Wood flooring comes in dozens of colours, textures, and grain patterns. This versatility has given homeowners the opportunity to embrace any interior design style they wish. If you are renovating your home and are thinking about ways to make your interior stand out, hardwood flooring is an excellent option. Need inspiration? Just check out our completed projects!

If you’re still not sure how you’d like to use wood floors in your home, keep in mind there are a few ways timber flooring can be manufactured:

  • Strip Flooring: Strip flooring creates a unique linear appearance that can elongate the appearance of a room. Characterized by planks that are 3” wide or less, these are considered a type of traditional flooring layout.
  • Plank Flooring: Timber planks have grown in popularity over the years, and create a casual look that pleases the eye will full, hearty timber planks. Like strip flooring, planks give off a linear look that can help make your home look slightly larger than it actually is.
  • Parquetry Flooring: Full of character and beauty, parquetry flooring will give your floor a custom appearance that you can be proud to show off. This timber style can be used to create all types of shapes and designs in your floor.

Rustic French Oak

Are you going for a rustic feel that brings out lightly finished furniture and soft paint tones? French Oak wood floors feature a unique rainbow of pale grays and light tans that will allow other colors in your home to stand out. Because it pairs so nicely with solid colors, it would also work well with a contemporary interior design theme.

Queensland Spotted Gum

Well known for its vibrant chocolate brown and carmel tones, Queensland Spotted Gum is great for households that want an artsy interior. When paired with the right color palate, this hardwood species can liven up your home and make your living space an exciting place to be.

Blue Gum

Are you looking for a classic-looking wood floor that is simple but beautiful? Blue Gum flooring is distinguished by bright brown timber highlighted with a grey grain pattern. Its versatile color will bring out the best features in a residential or commercial building, and comes in a variety of grades.

Roasted Peat

The extravagant appearance of a dark wood floor creates a strong focal point throughout even the most modestly decorated homes. Dark coloured flooring like Floormania’s Roasted Peat can be paired with interior styles like beachy looks, contemporary themes, crafty interiors, and more!

Whether you prefer the bold look of a Spotted Gum parquetry, or the simple design of a traditional Blue Gum planks, you’ll be sure to get plenty of use and value out of your hardwood floor for decades to come. When you’ve picked out the perfect design, contact us to schedule an installation.