Bamboo is rapidly becoming a statement floor in homes and is especially favoured among environmentally-conscious homeowners. Compared to hardwood, bamboo is considered the sustainable alternative as well as a more cost-effective option. To tell you more about the properties of bamboo, we have listed our top 5 reasons for choosing this eco-friendly floor:

  • It is a Natural Product
    Bamboo grows naturally in native soils and in the right environment, does not require any fertilisers or pesticides for growth. Bamboo also produces 30% more oxygen than a forest of hardwoods covering the same size area.
  • It Grows Faster and is More Renewable Than Trees
    The speed that bamboo grows means it is ready to be harvested every 5-7 years. As a grass, it continues to grow naturally and requires no replanting. Hardwood trees on the other hand can take up to 20 years to fully mature and once cut down, take decades to grow back.
  • A Machine-Free Harvest
    Rather than use machinery, matured bamboo is hand-picked to prevent damage to the roots. This also conserves the bamboo forests and does not damage habitats or other plant life.
  • There are Many Shades Available
    Whether you are looking for a light white finish, natural blonde hues or warm brown tones Floormania has a wide range of colours available depending on your preference. You can check out the full Quick-Step range on the Floormania website.
  • A Versatile Option
    After opting to install bamboo in your home, you can lay it in virtually any room over any subfloor. Though not waterproof, they are resistant to water and can, therefore, be installed in moisture-prone areas, as long as all spills are wiped immediately. They are also less sensitive to atmospheric changes so are great for Australian homes as they respond well to most climates.

If you are interested in finding out more about our range of bamboo floors, speak to one of our Floormania professionals or visit us in store today.