Carpet is one of those traditional flooring options many homeowners swear by, and the floor covering scores big points in both comfort and style. However, many people still find it hard to choose between a synthetic carpet and a wool alternative. So let’s take a look at this in a bit more detail. Here are 5 reasons to choose wool carpet over its synthetic counterpart.

woollen carpet


The wonderful thing about wool carpet is that it’s healthier for you, absorbing moisture to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria in your home. It’s also hypoallergenic; the unique absorbent aspect of wool acts as a filter to trap dust, mites and other allergens.

Many people believe that any skin reaction to wool means they are allergic to the wool itself, but it’s actually about being sensitive to some other substance within the wool. Checking what’s in potential wool carpet choices will prevent this from happening. Lanolin, dust mites, or certain dyes are all possible triggers, and these will not be present in all wool carpets.


Wool carpet is non-toxic. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the specific carpet stays that way during the manufacturing process. If you choose wool carpet, make sure the backing is also natural and the carpet hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals.

Long-lasting beauty

Wool looks good for longer — there’s a retention of aesthetic appearance in wool carpet that synthetic just can’t match.

Wool carpet is made from sheep’s wool that is spun into yarn during the manufacturing process. The yarn is formed into loop or cut (straight) piles and attached to a backing of jute or another vegetable fibre. This results in a carpet that has a plush, soft texture, yet resists crushing and compacting.

With the right cleaning, wool carpet bounces back brilliantly regardless of whether it’s dry or wet. In most cases, its colour does not fade, although sun exposure may cause the wool to lose colour — something which is true for any flooring type. Wear is also more even over time. While the wool can stain if spills are left to absorb or are not cleaned properly, the material resists soiling better than other types.


Today’s homeowners prefer natural material for their flooring options, as more people have become aware of its benefits. Natural materials such as wool carpet are renewable, meaning homeowners don’t have to worry about it becoming scarce in the future. It takes only 1 year to decompose if properly disposed of, plus, it’s recyclable.

Although they’re all recyclable, they cannot be recycled indefinitely. Because they are often mechanically rather than chemically recycled, they are not returned to a virgin state and so degrade over time. This means they require blending with other synthetic materials for reinforcement.

Wool carpet is a popular natural alternative to synthetic. The luxurious flooring option is fire-safe, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, long-lasting and sustainable. Synthetic carpet is a cheap flooring option that can imitate certain surface qualities, but wool has several benefits that it just can’t compete with.

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