Redesigning your home is an exciting experience. Watching your living space transform into a room that you love to spend time in is one of the best parts of a remodel. As one of the biggest focal points of a home, flooring dominates the appearance of your home. If you are considering upgrading your floors, find inspiration from our six hardwood flooring designs below.

Two-Toned Hardwood: Many homes use hardwood flooring with a single color throughout, but sometimes a mix of two different tones is what it takes to bring out the beauty of your home. In this image, you can see how the sandy tan and forest brown colors work together to highlight the bare walls of the hallway.

6 Clever Hardwood Flooring Designs

Ebony Hardwood: The photo below from HGTV shows you just how ebony hardwood flooring designs can be absolutely breathtaking. When paired with different tones and accented by bold colours, an ebony floor can be the perfect backdrop for an interior design theme.


Classic and Simple: Sometimes, a simple hardwood floor is all you need to make your home feel larger and more welcoming. Natural light tends to bounce off timber planks, adding a vibrant light to rooms that would have been soaked in by floor coverings like carpet. The photo below of one of our projects shows you just how wood flooring can add more light to a room.


Rustic Charm: One of the most universal appeals of timber flooring is its ability to add a rustic character. Today, you can find timber flooring in a number of rustic themes, including eco-friendly choices like reclaimed wood. In the photo below, Massimo Interiors adds a lived-in charm to this opulent room with a multi-toned rustic hardwood floor.


Pronounced Grain Patterns: A simple room can be brought to life when a floor with a pronounced grain pattern is selected. By adding an eye-catching timber design to a house with bare walls, you can add more character throughout your home in one simple upgrade. In the image below, we used this light floor with a long, oval grain design to bring out the soft colors and natural light in our clients’ room. The finished product is stunning!


A Glossy Finish: Some wood floors feature a shinier gloss than others. When a reflective wood floor is paired with soft, plain walls, the result can be remarkable. Just take a look at the how beautiful room below (designed by Cooloola Building Company) feels more spacious and bright thanks to the reflective gleam of the flooring.


There are hundreds of exciting flooring ideas that you can use in a home or office. Consider using colour samples, online resources, and magazines to find the colour that will best compliment your walls and existing décor. Whether you intend to leave your floors bare, or cover them with rugs for added support and warmth, you’ll be able to enjoy your real timber floors for decades to come. If you have any questions about picking the right timber plank or measuring your floor space, contact our team for help.