With a newborn or toddler in the house, it’s important to choose a floor that covers important points like safety, maintenance and health. For example, you will likely want to avoid flooring materials that contain allergens or trap dirt and particles. From a safety perspective, you want to lessen the impact if a child falls by choosing a softer surface material. And with maintenance, you ideally want a floor that is easy to clean and look after. Let’s now look at some flooring types that are baby-friendly:

baby friendly floors


The obvious first choice for baby-friendly flooring is carpet due to the soft surface and higher levels of comfort (this is also great for parents who are likely to spend a lot of time on the floor). Carpet absorbs noise which is another added benefit with young children. Wool carpets are an excellent choice of material as they absorb toxins, improving the air quality – a great health benefit. Our wool carpet range is also stain-resistant and easy to maintain so it is definitely an option worth considering.


The great thing about hardwood is it lasts and lasts and never loses its style. It is visually attractive and easy to maintain. Plus, it doesn’t absorb any chemicals or allergens, unlike some carpets. Cons are the hard surface – if your child falls, there’s a high chance timber will hurt more than carpet. This is easy to fix though by laying down a large rug and encouraging play time on the soft surface.


Like hardwood, laminate has the disadvantage of a hard surface but the same can be done by adding an area rug. It is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood if you are on a budget and is incredibly easy to maintain. If you’re concerned about spills or baby fluids, consider our Quick-Step Impressive Ultra range which are highly water-resistant.

Hopefully, this is a good start to finding your baby-friendly floor. For more advice, contact us through the website or visit us in one of our showrooms.