The festive season is all about eating, drinking and relaxing with family and friends. It’s also a high traffic time for our floors. Wooden floors are an investment, so caring for them is key to keeping them looking fresh. Here’s five forecasts to help keep your floors festive fresh.

Flooring Maintenance

Furniture Protectors

With a lot more people sitting round the table this time of year, the spare chairs tend to make a guest appearance out of the garage. Make sure you give them a good wipe down to avoid spreading debris and dust on the floor. Check the bottom of the legs to make sure you have floor protectors.

Door Mat Do’s

The humble door mat is usually the last thing we think about cleaning. Because it sits outside, it tends to slip under the radar. It’s worthwhile shaking it out and giving it a vacuum as well as encouraging guests to wipe their shoes on the mat or better yet, have a shoe-free function.

Dust Before Cleaning

Dust is hard to see with the naked eye, especially on lighter coloured floors. With the weather heating up and people spending more time outdoors, there’s generally a lot more debris being carried into the house. Before you vacuum, dust the floor with a special mop to pick up any pieces which may scratch the floor while you vacuum or mop.

Can The Chemicals

There’s a lot of excitement in the air this time of year, so expect some drops and spills. Wooden floors are pretty resilient; don’t worry too much if you have an accident. Mop it up quickly to avoid permanent damage and make sure you avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals on the floor. The safest thing to use is warm water a drop of detergent. Make sure the mop is clean and try not to leave too much water on the floor.

Lay Down A Mat

If you’ve got kids coming round for Christmas, lay down a rug or a blanket on the wooden floors and create a specialised play area, especially with all the excitement of opening presents.

Our team are more than happy to provide you with suggestions on how to clean and care for your floors. We stock a number of different cleaning products and furniture pads for all types of hardwood and floating floors.