The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house so it is important to have a strong, durable floor that can withstand regular use. Here are ­­­­4 options you should consider for your new kitchen floor:

kithen flooring


At Floormania, we stock two brands of Vinyl – Livyn by Quick-Step and Natural Impressionist by Hurford. Both are incredibly hard-wearing and feature a sealed top coat to protect the floor against dirt and stains. The textures are relatively soft underfoot which is an added bonus for kitchens when you are likely to be on your feet for prolonged periods. Both floors are also highly water-resistant which is great for kitchens where spills and moisture are to be expected.

Impressive Ultra Laminate

The Impressive Ultra collection by Quick-Step is a great choice of laminate flooring for the kitchen. Not only do they have the look and feel of true timber, they have also been sealed with a unique water-repellent coating which performs great in wet areas. Any spills will simply lay on the surface and can be easily wiped away, unlike many other laminate products.


When it comes to natural flooring materials, bamboo is one of the strongest you will find. Add to that a scratch-resistant coating and you are left with a highly durable floor that can handle a busy kitchen lifestyle. Bamboo is also highly sustainable which is ideal for environmentally-conscious homeowners. The installation is incredibly easy and is done simply by clicking the planks together. No mess, no glue, no fuss.

Engineered Hardwood

If you crave a solid wood floor for your kitchen, why not opt for an engineered one instead? The main difference is that the top layer is natural timber, whilst the under layers are made up of strong plywood. This means they won’t warp the way hardwoods will if exposed to moisture and humidity, making them a great kitchen choice. They have a protective top sealant which means they have a tough surface that can be wiped and mopped easily.

If you would like more information on kitchen flooring options, you can contact one of our friendly members of staff on the Floormania website or visit us in one of our stores.