It is important to carry out regular carpet maintenance to ensure a clean living environment. It also reduces the build-up of dust and particles which can cause health problems to people living in your home, particularly if they suffer from allergies.

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For regular cleaning, here are some useful vacuuming tips:

  • Clear the area – remove any items from the floor such as toys or small items rather than vacuuming around them. This ensures the whole carpet area is cleaned. Also, check for small objects that could damage the device such as coins or hairpins. Dust the interior first so than any loose particles can be vacuumed up afterwards.
  • Vacuum in both directions – as carpet fibres are often coiled, vacuuming horizontally and vertically means that all parts of the fibre can be cleaned.
  • Use different attachments – for the edges of carpet, use a thinner nozzle to make sure no dust is left clinging to the carpet border. Use other attachments for those hard to reach areas and nooks and crannies unreachable with the main attachment.
  • Vacuum regularly – this will depend on your household. Some carpets may need vacuuming more than others (for example if you have pets that shed hair, you may have to vacuum 3-4 times a week).

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