As the initial entry point to your home, your hallway interior should not be overlooked. As the first focal point guests will lay eyes on, it is worthwhile investing in the right floor and furniture, making sure the layout and design compliment the space.

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Here are 4 interior ideas to give you some hallway inspiration:

1. Opt for a classic floor

Parquet floors radiate a timeless feel and are a beautiful way to open your home. For modern homes, parquetry offers a great contrast between the contemporary and the traditional. Choosing a parquet pattern such as Chevron will draw the eye in and is a good design technique for narrow spaces.

2. Mix it up

Your hallway doesn’t need to just focus on the floorboards. Depending on your interior style, consider pairing a patterned rug with simple or bare floorboards. This will introduce texture and layers and will look particularly effective against neutral walls. If your hallway leads straight into stairs, you could replace a rug with a patterned stair runner for the same effect.

3. Avoid carpet

Rugs yes, carpets no. As the first point of contact for footwear, carpet can easily be ruined with grit, dirt or other unwanted outdoor particles. Hard-wearing, easy-to-clean flooring such as oak, hardwood or laminate are much better options for withstanding lots of foot traffic.

4. Keep furniture to a minimum

This is particularly important for narrow hallways. Choose furniture that is practical and has a purpose rather than furniture that is overstated or unnecessary. This will only make the space feel cluttered and that is not a first impression you want to give. If you are lacking space, consider floating hangers or wall shelves for keys, coats and other essentials.

Remember that your hallway sets the scene for the rest of your home. Flooring and interior choices play a big part in this and should be carefully considered. For hallway flooring options, chat to us at Floormania, where we’ll be happy to suggest some options for your personal hallway needs.