With the festive season looming, there has never been a better time for a flooring revamp. Rather than waiting until the New Year, why not welcome your guests with a beautiful brand-new floor when they visit over the Christmas period? To help you get started, here is a brief overview of our flooring products:

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Hardwood (also known as solid timber) is an all-around winner in many homes. Combining effortless beauty with unique features, hardwood floors really bring a room to life. Exuding a timeless style that continues to triumph throughout its long life-expectancy, timber floors are a worthy present for your home this Christmas. We have a number of shades and grain patterns available including:

  • Hurford Blackbutt – a versatile, straight-grained hardwood varying in shades of straw to light brown.
  • Hurford French Oak – this French import has a rustic feel that mimics the historical appearance of French Chateaus.
  • Hurford Grey Gum – with red-brown tones and admirable natural characteristics, this hardwood species emanates class and elegance.

Floating Timber

Floating floors are an excellent choice if you wish to install a new floor over an existing subfloor (quick and easy in time for Christmas). You can still relish the look and feel of natural hardwood whilst avoiding the difficult installation process. Here are a few selections from this range:

  • HM Walk – the planks in this hardwood collection are engineered with a strong ply core that is eco-friendly whilst still maintaining the timber aesthetic.
  • Quick-Step Blue Gum – featuring recently on our Instagram page (@floormania) this timber features a number of distinct shades from pale grey to deep red.

Engineered Oak

Engineered simply means that planks are made up of layers with a natural timber top layer. Plywood is used in other layers which creates a solid core that is less likely to expand or contract with changes in moisture levels. Great in case of any festive spills! Flooring in this range includes:

  • Quick-Step Palazzo – a simple light brown plank with warm tones creating a classic and sophisticated overall look.
  • Preference Ebony – dark brown hues radiate from this rich floor, creating a statement look in any room.
  • Premium Oak Everest – for a modern revamp, try this nutmeg coloured plank with whitewash highlights and distinctive knots and grains.

To see the full range of products, visit www.floormania.com.au. You can also view Part 2 of this article on our blog.