When it comes to home improvement, installing a new floor can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a room. Perhaps you’ve already decorated the interior and now need a floor that will complement your style. Or maybe you have a style in mind but don’t know what floor to choose. We’re here to help. Here are 3 popular styles with wood floor recommendations:

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Sofa, coffee table and wicker chair in living room styled scandinavian

Contemporary Rustic

Rustic is all about adding character, often embracing the outdoors and using natural resources for a raw and rugged look. Think brickwork, exposed architecture and natural elements. Solid timber floors are ideal for this style, as are reclaimed woods (which you can find in our laminate section) for that extra rustic look and feel. Opt for medium to dark coloured woods in wide planks to really emphasise the nature/outdoor concept.


If your interior style mimics the phrase ‘less is more’ then you probably prefer the clean minimalist look. These rooms will often use neutral and understated tones combined with a simple style for an open and clutter-free look. Light hardwoods in grey or white complement this interior, especially when installed in narrow planks, giving a more consistent look. You can also opt for extra dark or black wood floors for a dramatic minimalistic design.


Cool colour palettes, clean lines and effortless simplicity all showcase elements of Nordic flair. Scandinavian interiors make use of sources such as bay windows where natural sunlight can emphasise the décor. Wood or laminate floors that are light and neutral work well, particularly if white is the main interior colour.  A natural brown wood will bring warmth and texture if you want to eliminate a stark look. Grey wood is another flooring colour that complements well, conveying peace and tranquillity.

If you would like any further advice about choosing the right floor to suit your style, you can visit our showroom in Concord, Caringbah or Kensington or contact us online where we’ll be happy to help.