Many homeowners are switching to bamboo as their preferred flooring choice for many reasons. One is the sustainability and eco-friendliness that bamboo offers. Secondly, it is an affordable alternative to solid hardwood and shares a similar aesthetic that is very versatile when it comes to decorating the interior.

Bamboo Flooring

If you have recently installed a bamboo floor, here are some ideas about how to furnish the room to complement the floor:

Be inspired by Asia

As bamboo is a common material used in Asian interiors, you can add character to your room by infusing with Asian-inspired décor choices. Perhaps if you’ve travelled overseas to neighbouring Asia, you’ll have already collected some authentic items that you can use. Murals and fans can be hung on walls that should be painted a warm, neutral colour like cream or even gold. Red is a strong colour in Asian interiors so consider painting one wall red that can stand out against the rest. Furnish with understated items of furniture to achieve a traditional style.

Embrace a ‘green’ interior

As bamboo has sustainable elements, consider furnishing a room with similar products that are natural and eco-friendly. You can opt for bamboo furniture such as coffee tables, window blinds and accessories. Perhaps locate some reclaimed wood for shelving (depending on how far you want to go with DIY, the options here are endless). For the walls, neutral colours like tan and walnut create a good balance or you can use colours like pale green or yellow to bring out the natural tones found in the floor.

Go simple and natural

Blonde floors such as our Arc Bamboo Natural are attractive and elegant, providing easy versatility when it comes to decorating the interior. Depending on personal taste, you can either go for a bold wall colour to make the room pop or lighter tones of apricot, pink or yellow for a warm welcome. For furniture items, opt for neutral shades of brown or grey to complement the floor and walls.

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