Whether you want to protect your new hardwood or add a splash of colour to a neutral interior, a rug is a great option and there are many available to compliment different types of flooring. From bold patterns to fluffy textures, choosing the right rug depends heavily on your space and floor material. Let’s look at 3 popular floors in more detail:

Carpet and rugs


Rugs are great for hardwoods as they provide extra protection from furniture scrapes and foot traffic. If your wood flooring is in the living or dining room, you can lay an area rug underneath the main furniture, which provides an intimate setting by creating a strong focal point. In terms of colour, opt for a light, natural shade if you have a dark wood floor which will have a good contrast. For light floors, a richer tone such as deep blue or dark red will add warmth and vibrancy. Patterned rugs work better on lighter floors but beware – they can steal the attention away from the woods natural beauty, as the grains and knots go unnoticed.


Although a carpet is basically just a big rug, you can still add an additional rug for contrast and decoration. Use your existing carpet as a basis when choosing a rug. If you have a thick carpet, opt for a thin rug and vice versa so you have contrasting textures. The rug colour should be analogous to your carpet, i.e. a harmonising shade unless you intend to make a bold interior statement.


Laminate flooring can be cool underfoot as it struggles to retain heat. Adding a rug is, therefore, a great way to conserve heat as well as having many aesthetic benefits. As laminate is generally a consistent shade, you can be very versatile with rug selection. Thick or thin, patterned or plain, the choice is yours. You can opt for a bold and contemporary colour to provide a sharp contrast, particularly if the room has a neutral interior and you want to make it stand out more. Alternatively, you can choose a similar shade to the floor which will maintain the neutral tones whilst adding warmth and texture.

Perhaps you already have a rug and need a floor to match? If so, contact our flooring experts at www.floormania.com.au who are always on hand to offer help and advice.