The time has come to replace one of your old floors and you have decided to opt for a timeless hardwood floor (great choice). Those natural grains are beautiful sight to behold and a worthy investment… if you know how to treat them properly. There are some things people do without thinking that, over time, can cause lasting damage to your hardwood planks.

hardwood problems

1. Ignoring Surface Water

Whether it’s drops of rain or spills from the dog bowl, water + hardwood = a recipe for disaster. Another common water-related error is mopping – hardwood floors are made from natural timber and are therefore very susceptible to water damage. If a leak or spill seeps into the planks, you could be at risk of cupping or crowning, resulting in a warped floor.

2. Overlooking Pet Nails

A common reason for scratches in hardwood planks is caused by pets simply walking back and forth across your floor multiple times a day. If their nails aren’t closely trimmed, this daily activity can turn into a nightmare for your floor. Keep an eye out so you can quickly intervene, saving your floor from unnecessary harm.

3. Forgetting Floor Protectors

Many people think that heavy furniture is immovable and solid once placed on a floor. However, even the tiniest shifts can cause extensive damage over time. Rubber or felt floor protectors placed under the legs of all furniture are a great way to reduce dents and grooves forming on the wood surface.

4. Neglecting the Door Mat

If you have hardwood running through your hallway, having a door mat at the entrance is important. Using it to wipe your shoes is doubly important. When you walk in from outside, your shoes carry grit, dirt and lots of other particles that can cause abrasions or scrapes if they make regular contact with your hardwood. Over time, this can damage planks to the point where they may need fully replacing. Before entering the home, get into the habit of wiping your shoes on the mat. Or even better, remove shoes before entering.

Follow this simple advice to maintain your hardwood’s perfect condition. If you would like more information on caring for your hardwood floor, contact our flooring professionals at Floormania.