Parquet floors are often associated with the past after gaining popularity in the 1600’s. Despite this historical background, parquet floors are certainly not a thing of the past. Making a massive comeback in the interior world, many homeowners are combining a traditional parquet floor with a twist of modern style. The end result – a contemporary floor with old-fashioned roots and timeless appeal.

Parquetry floors

Here are 5 ideas to inspire you when it comes to installing your parquet floor:

1. Mismatched Chevron

The chevron V-shape design is a classic when it comes to laying a parquet floor. To add a contemporary twist to this popular look, you can use contrasting colours like white and brown to make the wood pop.

2. Use Contrasting Finishes

If laying contrasting colours is a little too bold for your interior preferences, you can still make a visual statement by using contrasting finishes on your chevron design. Alternatively, you can use contrasting borders on your floor pattern for a similar effect.

3. Lay in the Hallway

Parquetry is renowned for its grand status and therefore often associated with wide open rooms. However, even long narrow spaces can benefit from a parquet pattern; with furniture space limited, it is important for the floor to make a lasting impression. Something that draws the eye such as Herringbone is a good option or create a unique pattern to add depth and visual appeal.

4. Opt for a Lighter Tone

Instead of common dark browns, try lighter shades of wood especially in smaller rooms. Not only will this make the space look and feel bigger, it will also add character and personality to what could alternatively be a small, plain room.

5. Choose Contrasting Furniture

If a lighter floor isn’t for you, try a dark shade of brown and opt for lighter interior instead. The colour distinctions will give the room a modern flair whilst still maintaining elegance and class.

If you would like to find out more about parquetry designs for your new floor, take a look at our range or speak to one of our flooring professionals at Floormania who will be happy to assist.