With Sydney’s growing property market and price increases for homes, it seems that the space inside homes and apartments are shrinking. As a result of this, making a small space feel bigger is a great way to maximise your space while not stretching your budget. Today’s blog will focus on four design tips to help you create the perfect space in a smaller area.

Small space feel bigger

Open plan space

Flooring is the ideal way to create a larger open plan space. Whether you’re combining your lounge room and dining room or kitchen together, different flooring allows for a slight transition from space to space. Whether it is the same type of flooring in different colours or two completely different types of flooring, changing the flooring from room to room will open up your space. Our recommendations are transitioning from a Parquetry Blackbutt to Parquetry Turpentine.

Multifunctional Rooms

Incorporating different functions into a room will reduce the clutter and mayhem that goes into a room and allows you to enjoy the multiple functioning space. For example, a spare room can be transformed into a guestroom and home office. For multifunctional rooms, it is important to keep in mind that whatever you’ll be using the space most for, to keep that the predominant focus of the room.

Colour Scheme

Colour has a surprising profound effect on the rooms in your home. Dark and intense shades of colour make a room feel smaller and close, where light paint colours make a room feel more open and thus larger. With paint colours, make sure that the colour on the wall falls into the same scheme as the flooring colour to create a harmonious environment.


Mirrors are a surprising addition to your small space to create the illusion of a much larger room. Mirrors grab the sunlight/light coming in and bouncing that off in all directions, creating a larger feeling. Mirrors can be either hung up on the wall or oversized mirror can be placed on the floor.

For any further flooring options to enhance your small space, contact one of our experts today.