Need the solution for making small rooms feel bigger? Look no further. We’ve handpicked some of the best interior tips, from flooring options to wall paint and accessories, helping you to create the illusion of space in a room which has a limited amount.

1. Coordinate light walls with light floors

For a fresh and airy feel, opt for neutral coloured walls that will reflect the natural light, visually expanding the room. Choose a similar tone for the flooring that blends well with the wall, providing a good balance of colour. Neutral shades of flooring such as white, light grey or blonde will draw the eye to the furniture as opposed to the room size.

2. Flooring uniformity

Consider installing the same floor throughout your home to create continuity as one room will seamlessly flow into the next. Areas will automatically look more spacious especially when submerged in bright natural light. To differentiate between rooms, try adding a circular rug that will break up the angular room shape.

3. Think about floorboard length

Wide planks that run parallel to your longest wall will give the impression of more space. For small, square-shaped rooms, extra-long floorboards with no joins can be installed to reach the full length of the room creating depth. Alternatively, short floorboards can also create a similar effect, tricking the eye into thinking the room is larger.

4. Opt for raised furniture

Large furniture items on legs will encourage natural light to filter through and make a room feel taller and expansive. Transparent furniture such as marble tables are also great as their reflective surfaces will allow the light to bounce off.

For more height, try adding long curtains and painting your ceilings the same shade as the walls.

5. Embrace minimalism

Avoid clutter and unnecessary accessories. Keep the floor space as clear as possible to help a room feel open and airy. Artwork fixed above eye-level can make a room feel taller and a large-scale piece of art will create the illusion of space. For bedrooms, consider investing in mirrored wardrobes. Not only a key accessory for reflecting sunlight, they can also visually double a room in size.