Increase the longevity of your bamboo floor by following these simple cleaning guidelines.

maintaining bamboo floors
Bamboo flooring is becoming a popular eco-friendly choice among homeowners. As a highly sustainable and durable floor, bamboo is also a great cost-effective alternative to solid hardwood. With a strong aesthetic appeal, bamboo can transform any room with its contemporary and modern feel. If you maintain your bamboo floor correctly, it can last a lifetime. Here are our best tips to make sure your floor remains in tip-top condition:

1. Protect the surface from scratches

Particles of dirt and debris brought in from outside can cause significant damage to a floor over time. Help prevent this by placing doormats at the opening of all external doors, making sure to clean them frequently.
Attach floor protectors to the base of your furniture items, particularly those that are moved on a regular basis such as chairs. Avoid walking on bamboo flooring in heeled shoes to prevent unnecessary dents and scratches. If you are a family with pets, keep their claws trimmed regularly for the same reason.

2. General cleaning

For regular maintenance, you can vacuum the floor with a brush head or with the bristles down. You can also sweep the floor with a soft electrostatic broom or a flat microfibre mop.
Although bamboo is water resilient, wipe all spills promptly to prevent the boards from expanding and becoming uneven.
Mopping the floor with a neutral PH cleaner is recommended on a weekly basis to remove grime without harming the bamboo planks. Take care to use only a very small amount of water. Cleaning products specifically for bamboo floors are also available.

3. Be bamboo friendly

Extreme sunlight and high temperatures can damage bamboo flooring by discolouring the planks or causing them to swell and cup. To reduce this likelihood, ensure the room is well ventilated and install good quality blinds or shades.

4. Re-coating

Bamboo floors should not require a re-coating for several years if appropriate maintenance is sustained. If the floor begins to show signs of wear and damage, a refinish may be in order. It is essential to use an approved coating to extend the floor life. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for surface coating information.