When searching for a new floor, it is important to find a style that suits your space and lifestyle. With the Premium Oak range, floors can transform any room into a sophisticated and charming living space. Available in light and dark shades, the planks consist of three layers of natural timber delivering an authenticity that adds character and personality to a space. Still need convincing? Here are five more benefits of installing Premium Oak in your home:

premium oak range flooring

Modern and versatile

An ideal choice for both home and office, Premium Oak products are adaptable to suit any needs. With rustic features and bevelled edges, each individual plank is emphasized for a contemporary and elegant style. Great for updating a workspace or living area, the wide boards can also add depth and space to a small room.


Once fitted, seven layers of high-quality finish are added to the planks, protecting them from scratches, stains and dirt. Studies actually show that the lacquer used to coat the boards is one of the most durable pre-finishes available, which means your floor maintenance becomes the least of your worries.


With enhanced stability from the durable hardwood, Premium Oak floors will continue to withstand furniture and foot traffic for years to come. Their excellent lifespan ensures the floors uphold their aesthetic beauty and high standards.

Variety of colours

Premium Oak floors come in a number of shades, from light and neutral browns to rich tones of chocolate. The varying levels of grain structure and natural knots formed within the planks really emphasise the “forest to floor” features. Although slight colour variation is anticipated, this shows that your Premium Oak planks are the result of real wood as opposed to an artificial replica.

Easy installation

With the choice of floating or glue installation, both processes are fast and easy to complete. Using Uniclic, the world’s strongest joining method, each plank is joined on all four sides with a no-gaps guarantee.