Don’t let a Christmas tree ruin your beautiful hardwood.

FM Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about decorations and the all-important Christmas tree. However, before bringing one into your home, consider the damage it can do to your hardwood floor. The last thing you need to worry about in the New Year is the unnecessary cost of sanding and refinishing your floor, especially when it is preventable. These handy tips will help protect your floor from scratches and water damage often associated with real Christmas trees:

1. Keep the area clean

Before you bring the tree inside, vacuum the floor and then use a microfiber mop to trap any lingering dirt and dust particles. Once the tree is set up, continue to vacuum and mop the surrounding area as often as needed (usually daily) to remove stray pine needles. This is one of the main causes of floor damage as needles cling to footwear and pets, dragging across the floor and throughout other rooms. Never use a broom to clear pine needles as the same thing will likely occur.

2. Invest in a tree mat

Protect your floor by placing a rubber mat or specialised tree mat underneath the Christmas tree to absorb any leaks or spills. It is also a good pine needle collector and reduces the likelihood of them falling onto your hardwood. Do not use a towel as this can ruin your floor – the material absorbs and retains moisture which can lead to floorboards expanding and turning black.

3. Tree tips

  • Water your tree regularly to prevent extensive loss of needles.
  • Buy a sturdy tree stand to increase stability and reduce leakages.
  • If you find sap from the tree has landed on your hardwood, place ice cubes in a zip-lock bag over the sap to harden. Remove as much as you can with a fingernail or plastic knife. Use oil soap to cover the affected area and then scrub clean.