Finding that dream floor for your living space is no easy task. Not only is it the hub for activity, it is also a place for rest and relaxation after a long day. Your floor plays an important role in the comfort and appearance of your living space and it is crucial to install one that looks and feels equally amazing.

Laminate and timber flooring are both top choices for a new living room floor. The Quick-Step brand offers a wide variety of these products, ranging in colours, thickness and length. Below, we will look at the laminate and timber range in closer detail.


Up to 10 times more scratch resistant than other products, laminate is pet and child friendly which is highly beneficial in living areas. Spills can be cleaned up quickly and planks are highly durable without losing the look of ‘real wood.’ With a range of colours available, the following 3 are recommended choices for living spaces:

  • Blackbutt has neutral tones that add a modern touch to the living room. Originating from the Northern Rivers of NSW, each varied plank brings Australian heritage to the home.
  • Reclaimed Chestnut is a light brown laminate with extra-wide boards to showcase the rustic design.
  • Caribbean Oak also has wide planks that add dimension to your living room. The deep brown hues make a statement, creating a luxurious and grand ambiance.


Easy to install, pre-finished and wear-resistant, engineered hardwoods are an ideal choice for a living room floor. Crafted from real wood, timber floors hold exceptional beauty, creating a natural and warm environment. Here are some Australian hardwood choices for your living space:

  • Blackbutt contains shades of blonde and yellow that can balance out a room and complement elegant interiors.
  • Jarrah originates from Western Australia and has deep red tones, creating a vibrant and exotic appearance.
  • Tasmanian Oak combines warm shades of pink and straw, and is a practical solution with resilient qualities.

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