Vinyl flooring: as beautiful as timber, without the maintenance.

Timber flooring is gorgeous; it’s also a long-term investment that requires regular maintenance. All small spills and collections of moisture must be cleaned immediately to prevent solid timber planks from warping. When you have a busy family, indoor pets, or rental properties, it’s hard to keep track of every small spill or scratch that reaches the floor.

The Benefits of Using Vinyl Flooring in Sydney

When you need the beauty of a timber floor without the high cost and maintenance, vinyl may be the alternative that suits every area of your home perfectly.

Using Vinyl Flooring in Sydney

Why are vinyl floors a good choice for Sydney homeowners? Let’s find out!

Vinyl VS. Solid Timber

Unlike solid timber, vinyl flooring can be used in rooms that are on or above grade because of its resistance to moisture. Most vinyl floors won’t experience any decay or warping as long as spills are wiped up in a timely manner. This resistance to moisture means that homeowners with vinyl floors are free from the worry that their floor will warp during the humid months of the year.

A Climate Friendly Floor

Surprisingly, vinyl is also known for its ability to regulate household temperatures during winter months, though admittedly it doesn’t hold heat as well as carpet. Regardless, vinyl’s ability to regulate temperatures year-round helps to reduce the amount of energy used on air conditioners and heaters. Because of these benefits, many flooring experts consider vinyl a “climate friendly” floor.

Once your vinyl is installed, consider adding small rugs to areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. By covering your vinyl flooring in areas prone to high moisture and spills, you can prevent an accident due to slipping.

Enjoy a Beautiful “Easy Clean” Home

Better than lowering energy bills is minimizing the amount of cleaning you and your family members do. Thankfully, vinyl is extremely easy to clean. It can be swept, mopped, and vacuumed, and upkeep is fairly easy as sheets can be ripped up in sections and replaced one piece at a time. According to studies, vinyl is one of the most affordable, low maintenance floor coverings.

When Vinyl Is Too Hard Underfoot

Although carpet is softer to walk on, many families choose vinyl flooring because it doesn’t retain airborne particles and is much easier to maintain and repair. To offset the trade-off of having a healthy floor versus a soft floor, homeowners may choose to install an underlay.

By adding an extra layer of support, underlays not only help to support joints, they also reduce the amount of noise that stems from foot traffic and falling objects.

If you install your vinyl flooring over a crawl space or concrete slab, a vapour barrier is recommended.

Many homeowners choose vinyl flooring for its affordability, easy installation, and resistance to humidity. Luxury flooring sales have spiked around the globe, as more and more homeowners find value in a long-lasting easy to maintain floor. Today’s technology makes it easy to find vinyl flooring in Sydney that mimics the appearance of solid wood almost exactly, without the hefty maintenance requirements of a solid timber floor.

If you have any questions about whether vinyl flooring would work in your homes contact us today to speak with a flooring specialist.